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Maximum reach : 8'8''
Charge capacity : 4409lbs
Maximum reach : 12'10''
Charge capacity : 8157lbs
Maximum reach : 10'11''
Charge capacity : 6614lbs
Maximum reach : 10'10''
Charge capacity : 5512lbs
Maximum reach : 12'10''
Charge capacity : 7275lbs
Maximum reach : 14'7''
Charge capacity : 8818lbs
Maximum reach : 17'5''
Charge capacity : 13228lbs
Maximum reach : 21'6''
Charge capacity : 8818lbs
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Update COVID-19

Dear customers, suppliers and partners

This is to inform you that we resume our regular operations from Monday May 4, 2020 by applying the sanitary measures of Public Health for the protection of all. Please respect these new measures

However, we favor orders and requests by phone or email. This also applies to contact one of our representatives for the purchase or rental of equipment.

To reach one of our departments directly, dial the following extension:

Thank you for your trust and be careful

Carl Girouard, president