Artificial intelligence for your field operations

Getting the most out of your forklifts while ensuring the safety of your employees has never been easier! Thanks to its innovative technology, the Easy Manager fleet management solution allows you to monitor in real time any issue related to the safety and performance of your equipment.

Easy Manager: a beneficial solution

Allows you to know your machine inside out

Avoid wasting time and money due to an equipment problem or breakdown. Real-time data provided by Easy Manager helps you anticipate downtime and proactively manage the health of your connected fleet of equipment.

Secures your business assets with the anti-theft system

Stay in control of your forklifts and other equipment with geographic fencing, curfew, remote locking and keypad access.

Ensures your employees' safety

Plan the maintenance and upkeep of each forklift or other equipment in a preventive manner. This way, you can always ensure health and safety in the workplace by complying with the standards in effect.

3 ways to connect your fleet with Easy Manager

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